How Can TRE® Help You?

Are you struggling with the impact of stress in your life or tension in your body? Is it impacting your health, your relationships, your work and/or your enjoyment of life? Or do you simply want to learn a technique to enable you to deeply relax at the end of the day? Then TRE might be for you!

My name is Chrissie Moulder and I’m a fully qualified TRE practitioner. I’m trained to offer TRE to adults and children. I have a background as a therapist working with young people and their families and this has given me a good understanding of trauma, including developmental trauma and mental health issues.

Over the last 15 years I have been involved in meditation, starting with retreats at Gaia House before immersing myself in Tibetan Buddhism for some years. For the last 4 years I have been a student of The Diamond Approach (an approach to spiritual development that is informed by psychotherapy, inquiry and meditation), which is widening my perspective on what it means to be human and the capacities we all have! These teachings and experiences influence the way in which I work and brings a depth to they way I approach TRE.

Through my 15 years working as a therapist I’ve seen that psychological therapy/work often isn’t enough on it’s own and that body work is an important part of the picture…this is what led me to learn and practice TRE… and I’m finding ways to integrate both of these through TRE.

Now I’ve practiced TRE for a few years it is my experience that there are 2 ways to practice TRE. The first is purely on a physical level, shaking to release the physical tension and trauma from the body, and this is naturally of benefit. But I find there is a more holistic way of practicing TRE, one in which you use mindfulness to pay attention to the sensations, images, emotions etc that happen while you tremor. In my experience this tends to release the tension and traumas held in our body on a deeper level. I find clients experience many things while they tremor, they may feel anger, grief, fear, power, exhilaration, and more, as they tremor and when they are guided to allow this, to stay with it, something more than the body seems to free up. With time this approach may also help clients to develop a more compassionate relationship to those experiences or parts of themselves that they have historically had a difficult relationship with.

TRE can be a beautiful way to allow the body, heart and mind to unravel in it’s own way, to open up to it’s inherent spaciousness.

Chrissie is a qualified TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) Practitioner. Sessions are held at Hannahs, at Seale-Hayne near Newton Abbot. She can be contacted on 07840 069075 or